CfP: Transitions in Policy, Resilience and Identity: New Challenges in Indo-Canadian Studies

International Conference on Canadian Studies, 6 – 8 February, 2019, Centre for Canadian Studies, Jadavpur University, India

The nation building process of Canada has been fraught with politics of exclusions, marginalization and discrimination since her emergence as a European settler colony. Identifying the disjunctions within her ‘multicultural mosaic’ as one of the major ramifications of the differential equations of power between her Euro-Canadian, diasporic and indigenous population, is perhaps the first step towards combating such situations of conflict and contradictions.

In the light of these contemporary realities, the conference will seek to address the relevance and effectiveness of Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in the Canadian context, in its major themes and academic concerns. To what extent are these goals governing the social, political, economic and the ecological intricacies of the nation-building process of Canada in the recent times? Would they help propel the emergence of an idea of nationhood which is more inclusive in its stance? How are they, in turn, affecting her cross-cultural and trans-national relationships in the global context? In the light of these pertinent questions, the conference aims to adopt a dynamic and interdisciplinary approach towards interrogating the effectiveness of the UN mandated SDGs in Canada, with special reference to its impact on Indo-Canadian relations. More importantly, the conference would explore the crucial relationship between sustainability and the humanities, which would in turn facilitate a much-needed conversation on the intellectual and moral aspects of sustainable development in the Indo-Canadian context. The conference also hopes to contribute towards a better understanding of the role of cultural policy in achieving sustainability.
An exclusive academic session focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the Governments of Canada and India, aimed at commemorating the 50th anniversary of Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, would also be presented on the opening day of the conference.

The deadline for submission of abstracts has been extended till 20th January, 2019.

See the full Call for Papers here.

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