CfP: Annual conference of the Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) & Peace and Conflict Studies – Canadian Association (PACS-Can)

Local Alignments, Global Upheaval: Re-Imagining Peace, Legitimacy, Jurisdiction and Authority, Cannadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, Manitoba/Canada, October 4-6, 2019

The theme of this year’s PJSA/PACS-Can conference offers a platform for convergence. Inspired by the history of Winnipeg’s 1919 General Strike, current Indigenous land and water defence, and food and migrant justice activism, we invite peace and justice scholars and students, community-based practitioners, experiential educators, musicians, artists, and social movement organizers to join us in conversations reimagining peace through local alignments amidst global upheavals. Through papers, plenaries, and performances, sessions will explore these dynamics. Interconnected themes will include peaceful approaches for guiding social change while challenging the legitimacy of violent systems, re-asserting Indigenous jurisdiction, ensuring safety and sanctuary for vulnerable peoples and refugees, and challenging exploitative labour conditions. Winnipeg has a legacy as an epicentre for advocacy, sanctuary, and mass mobilization. The conference program will include traditional sessions in addition to interactive walking tours, community workshops, and place-based activities led by scholars and organizers on the forefront of responding to the sources and consequences of global upheaval, locally on Treaty 1 Territory.

Calling upon the depth and breadth of the inter-disciplinary peace scholarship and conflict resolution practices reflected in the PJSA and PACS-Can membership, this conference aims to further dialogue, mobilize strategy, and catalyze new insights and practices that empower global change through interconnected local actions.  Participants are encouraged to frame their contributions to the conference in ways that shed light on the dynamics of social upheavals and revolutionary social histories. These sessions will highlight both historical contexts (e.g. Winnipeg’s General Strike) and a focus on pressing issues of the day (e.g. Indigenous land defence; movement to #AbolishICE). Our hope is that this conference will open up multiple channels for participants to connect with people, place, and politics.

On these important local anniversaries — the 100th anniversary of the General Strike and Winnipeg’s Settler government expropriation of its city drinking water from the Shoal Lake first nation — the PJSA and PACS-Can welcome attendees to Winnipeg. The organizing committee invites a broad range of proposals examining the links between local action and global change to struggle with current challenges.

Proposal Submission Deadline: May 1, 2019

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