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Online Resources

Canada in the Classroom

„Education Canada“ is an online resource, available in French and English, that is mainly geared towards teachers who plan to include teaching units on Canada in their classes. The available information includes material on Geography, English Language, French Language, and History. Moreover the site is an excellent introductory source of information for anyone interested in Canada.

Website Education Canada

Virtual Geography Texts (VGT)

„Virtual Geography Texts“ is a substantial digital collection of material on Canada’s and Germany’s geography. The database consists of four Modules: culture and society, urbanity and economy, environment and resources, and cultural landscape development. Each module includes a minimum of ten units of texts with substantial references, maps, charts, and other additional material. All units are original work. Most references link to online sources providing teachers and students with further information on the respective topic. All texts are available in English, French, and German.


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