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The free GKS-Newsletter operates with the help of the DFN listserver of the association Förderung eines Deutschen Forschungsnetzes e.V. It provides frequent updates about the GKS and international Canadian Studies. It focuses on announcing Canadian Studies events in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well as new publications on Canada. It therefore supplements existing newsletters by ICCS/CIEC and AIÉQ. The current issue can be downloaded here.

You may subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here. Please note the listserver’s privacy policy and its legal notice. To manage or cancel your subscription, please click here or contact the GKS administration office.

For more Canada-related news in German-speaking countries you can turn to the newsletters published by the respective embassies. Berlin releases the Kanada-Newsletter on a weekly basis. The Austrian newsletter is issued quarterly (enroll via e-mail to vienn-pa[a]