GKS-Förderpreise 2021/2022 – Bewerbungsfrist verlängert!

November 1 New deadline: December 15, 2021

We continue to accept applications for the following prizes:

GKS-Prizes: Travel grants to facilitate thesis-related research stay in Canada

Prix d’Excellence: Award for an outstanding academic publication on Québec/ in Québec studies by ECR, written/published in French or German.

Jürgen and Freia Saße Award: Grant facilitating research stay in Canada towards BA/MA/PhD thesis on Canadian First Nations/Indigenous studies.

More details on the awards/grants can be found here.

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Zoom event: Angie Abdour reads from _This one Life: A Mother-Daughter Wilderness Memoir_

Reading Mountains 2021

December 13, 7 pm CET, Zoom

“This memoir about a mother and daughter forging connections with the wilderness – and each other – is like going forest bathing: it will leave you feeling refreshed and restored, with a big smile on your face.”

– Marni Jackson, author of The Mother Zone

This One Wild Life – A Mother-Daughter Wilderness Memoir

Disillusioned with overly competitive organized sports and concerned about her lively daughter’s growing shyness, author and memoirist Angie Abdou takes on her next challenge: to hike a peak a week with Katie. They will bond in nature and discover together the glories of outdoor activity. What could go wrong? Well, among other things, it turns out that Angie loves hiking but Katie doesn’t.

About the Author

Angie Abdou is the author of five novels and a memoir of hockey parenting, Home Ice. Her first novel, The Bone Cage, was a CBC Canada Reads finalist and was awarded the 2011-12 MacEwan Book of the Year. Angie is Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Athabasca University. She lives in Fernie, B.C., with her family and two beloved but unruly dogs.  


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CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS – Black Lives in Canada: Perspectives, Challenges and Contemporary Celebrations

Deadline: February 15, 2022

Edited By:
Eyitayo Aloh
Eric Lehman
Katrina Keefer

“Is Canada racist?” asked an American delegate at an international convention held in British Columbia, after it came to light that a young black delegate and member of Black Canadian Studies Association (BCSA), Shelby McPhee, had been profiled for theft. His surprise is shared by many who hold on to the belief that Canada is a land forged on peaceful treaties, as opposed to the United States of America that was created in battlefields and outright land theft. This myth has many versions but one central theme is of Canada as the land that respects diversity and welcomes everyone. What makes this a myth is the fact that statistics will point to the presence of systemic racism in Canada. History too will point to the gradual dislocation and eventual destruction of a thriving Black community in Africville, Nova Scotia by instruments of the state for no other reason than racism and prevention of the social development of Blacks in the area. While statistics may rely on numbers and history may rely on the books, the lived experiences of Blacks in Canada reveals more compelling stories of the contemporary marginalization, discrimination and deprivation that has been suffered by Black bodies. These stories have forced many Blacks to ask the question, “Black like who?” (Walcott, 1999) in Canada because the mythologized environment is far removed from their lived experiences.


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CFP: ACSUS 2022: Le Canada de près et de loin

Date Limite : 1 Décembre

Afin de célébrer son 50e anniversaire, l’Association d’études canadiennes aux États-Unis (ACSUS) tiendra sa 26e conférence biennale du 24 au 27 mars 2022 à Washington, DC. Nous invitons les étudiants des cycles supérieurs, les professeurs, les chercheurs indépendants et les praticiens à présenter par de perspectives diverses et critiques des propositions de communications et depanels liés au thème Le Canada : de près et de loin. L’ACSUS encourage les panels et lescommunications individuelles relevant de l’un des champs de recherche suivants:
Affaires, économie, intégration et enjeux frontaliers
Énergie et environnement
Enseigner le Canada, l’éducation et perspectives diverses
Études culturelles critiques
Études en communication et médias
Études nordiques et arctiques et perspectives diverses
Études québécoises et présence francophone en Amérique du Nord
Genre, identités, minorités et diversité
Littérature, cinéma, musique et arts en anglais
Littérature, cinéma, musique et arts en français
Loi, Constitution et déclarations de territoires
Peuples autochtones et colonialisme
Politique étrangère et défense
Politique et politique publique
Relations internationales
Rôle et responsabilités d’ACSUS


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CFP: The 9th Congress of Polish Canadianists: Eye/I on Canada: Exclusion and Inclusion

Deadline for abstracts: February 28, 2022

Notification of acceptance: March 15, 2022

September 21-23 , 2022 at University of Białystok, Poland

In the midst of global Covid-19 pandemic, not only Canada, but all the states, experienced challenges they had never faced before. The crisis forced individuals, communities and countries to rethink and question the way modern societies operate on manifold levels. The strain put on health care, education and welfare systems has significantly reshuffled the workplace and family dynamics, exacerbating existing inequalities related to gender, class and ethnicity and affecting communities of colour, as well as other disadvantaged, marginalized and excluded groups in a disproportionate manner. Confined to their homes, many people have found perpetual isolation overwhelming and experienced long-term psychological impacts. As a response to these feelings of exclusion, on both individual and collective levels, new ways of connecting with others have emerged, giving rise to as varied new phenomena as zoom meetings, online panel discussions, workshops and conferences, virtual support groups, and digital cultural initiatives, including exhibitions, concerts, performances and other live-stream events. The economic discrepancies and social injustice aggravated by the pandemic as well as attempts to foster a sense of belonging make us reflect upon past and present forms of exclusion and inclusion.


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Jutta Zimmermann: Setting Boundaries: Narrative Juxtaposition and the Negotiation of Identity in Contemporary Global Novels (online)

December 2, noon, on MS Teams: https://bit.ly/LIT_BBR_1

Many contemporary novels (and films, graphic narratives, TV series) consist of more than one story. In such novels, various settings, characters, and time periods are set against each each other by an act of juxtaposition. The boundary between the local narratives is usually marked by gaps, asterisks or other paratextual markers, and its existence sets in motion a process by which readers need to make sense of the disruption performed in order to assess the meaning of the overall global narrative. The marked boundary initiates a process in which the distinct narrative units which are related to each other, a process in which parallels and contrasts come to fore. While this process to a certain degree works towards integration, it also foregrounds the fragmentation and heterogeneity of the overall text. In my talk, I will explore the affinity of such multi-narrative texts to a particular thematic preoccupation, namely that of representing identities constituted by the straddling of cultural borders in post-colonial contexts. By looking at individual test cases – such as Dionne Brand’s What We All Long For – I will discuss whether multi-narrative structures can be viewed as the ‘discursive articulation’ of a ‘universal humanism’ or to what extent they are used for the ‘opposite effect’, namely ‘fragmentation and division rather than unity” (Tiago de Luca).

The talk is part of a lecture series on Borders/Boundaries/Regions: Literary and Cultural  Perspectives on Space at the University of Szczecin (Programme below):


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Glen Coulthard: Once We Were Maoists: Third World Currents in Fourth World Anti-Colonialism (Zoom)

You are warmly invited to an online-talk by Glen Coulthard (Yellowknives Dene), Associate Professor at UBC.

The talk takes place online (Zoom) on December 15, 2021, 5 pm European Central Time. Tickets can be ordered here:


This presentation will provide a history of Red Power radicalization and Indigenous-Marxist cross-fertilization. It examines the political work undertaken by a small but dedicated cadre of Native organizers going by the name Native Alliance for Red Power (or NARP) in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), from 1967 to the 1975. It argues that their political organizing and theory-building borrowed substantively and productively from a Third World-adapted Marxism which provided an appealing international language of political contestation that they not only inherited but sought to radically transform through a critical engagement with their own cultural traditions and land-based struggles. Not unlike many radicalized communities of color during this period, NARP molded and adapted the insights they gleaned from Third World Marxism abroad into their own critiques of racial capitalism, patriarchy, and internal colonialism at home.


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3 Promotionsstipendien an der FU – Graduate School of North American Studies

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Humboldt Universität zu Berlin: 2 Qualifizierungsstellen (Ziel: Promotion)

Deadline: 10.12.2021

Am Geographischen Institut sind in der Abteilung für Kultur- und Sozialgeographie, Prof. Dr. Ilse Helbrecht, vorbehaltlich der Mittelbewilligung ab dem 01.01.2022 befristet auf vier Jahre 2 Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter*innen (w/d/m) mit dem Ziel der Promotion in Teilzeit (65% ) zu besetzen ( Drittmittelfinanzierung befristet bis 31.12.2025 , E 13 TV – L HU ) .

Die Stellenbesetzung erfolgt im Rahmen des Sonderforschungsbereichs SFB 1265 „Re – Figuration von Räumen“ in dem Teilprojekt „Geographische Imaginationen von Sicherheit und Unsicherheit“. Das Teilprojekt untersucht die Bedeutung geographischer Imaginatione n für die Erfahrung und Konstitution ontologischer (Un)Sicherheit in ländlichen Räumen: Wie verändern sich imaginierte Formen subjektiven Raumwissens im Spannungsfeld von prosperierenden und peripherisierten ländlichen Räumen ? Die Fallstudiengebiete liegen sowohl in Kanada (Britisch Kolumbien) als auch in Deutschland (Sachsen – Anhalt und Baden – Württemberg). Das Projekt verfolgt eine international vergleichende Perspektive von Refigurationsprozessen in ländlichen Räumen bei.


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CFP: 20th Annual Conference – Transatlantic Studies Association

4-6 July 2022, University of Kent, Canterbury/UK


Deadline for panel and paper proposals: 15 January 2021

The TSA is a broad network of scholars who use the ‘transatlantic’ as a frame of reference for their work in a variety of disciplines, including (but not limited to): history, politics and international relations, and literary studies. All transatlantic-themed paper and panel proposals from these and related disciplines are welcome.

The conference is organised around a number of subject themes, each of which is convened by members of the conference programme committee. If you would like to discuss your paper or panel proposal prior to submission, please contact the relevant programme committee members. This year’s subject themes are:

Diplomatic and international history

David Ryan, david.ryan@ucc.ie, Chris Jespersen, christopher.jespersen@ung.edu

Political and intellectual history

Joe Renouard, jrenoua1@jhu.edu, Gaynor Johnson, G.L.Johnson@kent.ac.uk

Social, cultural and religious history

Finn Pollard, fpollard@lincoln.ac.uk, Kathryn Gray, kathryn.gray@plymouth.ac.uk

International Relations and Security Studies

Michele Testoni, mtestoni@faculty.ie.edu, Joe Renouard, jrenoua1@jhu.edu

Literature, film, and theatre

Donna Gessell, donna.gessell@ung.edu, Finn Pollard, fpollard@lincoln.ac.uk

Transatlantic memory and heritage

Kristin Cook, kc31@soas.ac.uk, Kathryn Gray, kathryn.gray@plymouth.ac.uk

Latin America in a transatlantic context

Robert Howes, robert.howes@kcl.ac.uk, Thomas Mills, t.c.mills@lancaster.ac.uk

Ethnicity, race and migration

Thomas Mills, t.c.mills@lancaster.ac.uk, Tony McCulloch, tony.mcculloch@ucl.ac.uk

Special subject theme:

The TSA is pleased to join SOAS and the University of York in welcoming proposals that seek to better understand the UK-US nuclear relationship as enshrined in the 1958 Mutual Defence Agreement (MDA). This arrangement formalizes the US support for the UK’s nuclear weapons system, and regulates exchanges of sensitive nuclear materials and know-how between the two countries. The Mutual Defence Agreement has been regularly renewed since its inception, with the next renewal due in 2024.

While the nuclear relationship is commonly thought of as being at the heart of what is referred to as the “special relationship”, there is no academic centre in either the US and UK that has a sustained focus on this topic, and scholarly literature about it is sparse. The TSA thus encourages proposals for papers that elucidate and interrogate the Mutual Defence Agreement and UK-US nuclear relationship, drawing on traditional strategic studies, peace studies and critical perspectives.

For queries, please contact Professor Dan Plesch: dp27@soas.ac.uk


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Book Launch: Adapting Margaret Atwood: The Handmaid’s Tale and Beyond (Zoom)

Cette séance du séminaire EMMA aura lieu le 23 novembre à 18h00 en salle 126, campus Saint Charles, Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 et en ligne (zoom).

Registration: fiona.mcmahon@univ-montp3.fr

Vous êtes cordialement invité.e.s à la séance de séminaire de l’EA741-EMMA qui se déroulera le mardi 23 novembre et dont vous trouverez les détails ci-dessous.

En lien avec le Thème 2 „L'(inter)agir“ de l’équipe de recherche (EA741) EMMA, nous sommes heureux.euses d’accueillir Shannon Wells-Lassagne (Pr Université de Bourgogne), spécialiste de l’adaptation filmique et des séries télévisées. Professeure Wells-Lassagne est invitée à présenter l’ouvrage qu’elle co-dirige avec Fiona McMahon (Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3): Adapting Margaret Atwood: The Handmaid’s Tale and Beyond. L’ouvrage paraît chez l’éditeur Palgrave, dans la collection dirigée par Julie Grossman et R. Barton Palmer : „Palgrave Studies in Adaptation and Visual Culture series“.


This book engages with Margaret Atwood’s work and its adaptations. Atwood has long been appreciated for her ardent defense of Canadian authors and her genre-bending fiction, essays, and poetry. However, a lesser-studied aspect of her work is Atwood’s role both as adaptor and as source for adaptation in media as varied as opera, television, film, or comic books. Recent critically acclaimed television adaptations of the novels The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) and Alias Grace (Amazon) have rightfully focused attention on these works, but Atwood’s fiction has long been a source of inspiration for artists of various media, aseeming corollary to Atwood’s own tendency to explore the possibilities of previously undervalued media (graphic novels), genres (science-fiction), and narratives (testimonial and historical modes). This collection hopes to expand on other studies of Atwood’s work or on their adaptations to focus on the interplay between the two, providing an interdisciplinary approach that highlights the protean nature of the author and of adaptation.


Shannon Wells-Lassagne is Professor of Film and Literature at the Université de Bourgogne, France. She is the author of Television and Serial Adaptation (2017), and the co-editor of Adapting Endings (2019), and Screening Text (2013). Her work has appeared in Screen, The Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance, Critical Studies in Television, and The Journal of Popular Film and Television.

Fiona McMahon is Professor of American Literature at the Université Paul Valéry- Montpellier 3, France, and editor of the series Profils Américains. She is the author of Charles Reznikoff: une poétique du témoignage (2010), H.D. Trilogy (2013) and co-editor of Penser le genre en poésie contemporaine (2019).

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