Job Offering: Assistant Researcher/Professor for Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies

The University of Bremen invites application for the position as Assistant Researcher/Professor within the field of Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies
(starting as soon as possible, limited until 31 October 2017 with the option of renewal)

Research Responsibilities:

  • personal further qualification (completion of a qualification project)
  • as well as supportive and proactive participation
  • in the development and coordination of research projects
  • in the organisation of guest lectures, conferences and other academic activities
  • in the expansion of international research contacts
  • in the acquisition of third-party funds

Teaching Responsibilities:

  • independent teaching of seminars (2 seminars) in the field named above
  • mentoring of seminar papers and examination theses in the Bachelor and Master programs of this faculty

Responsibilities in Academic Administration:

  • participation in the management of Bachelor and Master programs
  • committee work
  • participation in the further development of Bachelor and Master programs

Requirements for employment:

  • Master’s degree (or equivalent) in the fields of English, American or Anglophone Postcolonial Studies
  • if possible, PhD degree in the fields of English, American or Anglophone Postcolonial Studies
  • research focus in the field of Anglophone Postcolonial Studies (preferably in African Diaspora Studies or related research fields), in transnationality studies and latest culture theories
  • pedagogical suitability.

The University of Bremen follows a diversity strategy. It strives to increase the number of women in the academy and strongly encourages applications from suitably qualified female candidates. International applications and applications of academics with a migration background are explicitly welcome. Disabled persons with the same professional and personal qualifications will be given preference.

Please send your application including the usual documents (CV, certificates, teaching portfolio, list of publications [publications only on request], exposé of research project and, if applicable, of completed research projects) by June 15, 2015, citing the above-mentioned reference number, to:

Universität Bremen, Fachbereich 10, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Knopf, Postfach 330 440, 28334 Bremen.

Please send only copies of your application documents (no folders) as they cannot be sent back for financial reasons. Upon conclusion of the selection process these documents will be destroyed.

For further information please visit Job Vacancies at the University of Bremen or contact:

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Knopf
FB 10Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften
Universität Bremen
E-mail: kknopf(at)

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CfP: “L.M. Montgomery and Gender”

12th Biennial Conference, 23-26 June 2016, University of Prince Edward Island (CA)

From Anne’s initial iconic and heartrending cry in Anne of Green Gables – “You don’t want me because I’m not a boy” – to the pressure on young men to join the war effort in Rilla of Ingleside, and from the houseful of supportive co-eds in Anne of the Island to the tyrannical grandmother in Jane of Lantern Hill, Lucy maud Montogmery’s work highlights gender roles: how formative and deterministic they seem, and yet mutable they may be. Much Montgomery criticism of the past several decades has regarded her work from a feminist and gender studies perspective.

Given that Canada is fast approaching the centenary of women’s suffrage in the province of Manitoba (1916) and nationally (1918), the twelfth biennial conference hosted by the L.M. Montgomery INstitute at the University of Prince Edward Island, which will take place 23-26 June 2016, invites proposals for papers that re-consider the role of gender in L.M. Montgomery’s work, broadly defined: her fiction, poetry, life writing, letters, photographs, and scrapbooks, as well as the myriad adaptations and spinoffs in film, television, theatre, tourism, and social media. To what degree do Montgomery’s works, or works inspired by her, challenge or re-entrench normative gender roles? Do her works envision new possibilities for girls and women, boys and men? Or, is our contemporary fascination with her world, in part, nostalgia for what people imagine to be the more cleary-defined gender roles of a bygone era?

Engaging the rich scholarship of the past, possible topics might examine the intersection of gender with:

  • sexual identity, queerness, bachelor- and spinsterhood, and/or heterosexual romance;
  • friendship of all kinds; relationships with personal and professional acquaintances;
  • geographic, cultural, linguistic, racial, or ethnic identities, such asa Scottishness;
  • voting and politics; careers and/or education for women (or men); domesticity;
  • levels of ability and mobility;
  • childhood, particularly orphanhood;
  • mental and/or physical illness, addiction, and/or failing health

Plese submit proposals of 250-300 words, a CV that includes education, position, publications, and presentations, and a list of A/V requirements by 15 August 2015 by using the online form at the L.M. Montgomery Institute website:
Abstracts should not only clearly articulate a strong argument but they should also situate that argument in the context of previous Montgomery scholarship.

Any questions or requests for further information can be directed to the conference co-chairs Dr. Andrea McKenzie ( and/or Dr. Laura Robinson (


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Symposium: “The UN at 70: A Canadian Perspective”

Symposium, June 12 2015, McMaster University, Hamilton (CA)

In 1970, to mark the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau addressed the House of Commons and told those in attendance: “Canada has consistently sought, within the measure of her resources and influence, to strengthen the UN’s institutions in the service of peace and the improvement of quality of life for all … it is timely to pledge this government and the people of Canada to continuing support for the UN as the best hope we have that the grave challenges facing Canada and the world can be met.” As we approach the 70th anniversary of what was a remarkable achievement in international cooperation, the attitude of the Canadian government towards the UN seems drastically different. A greater emphasis has been placed on Canada’s part in NATO, the G8, and even the British Commonwealth of late. Yet, according to recent polls, Canadians continue to regard UN peacekeeping as the most important international action this country undertakes. This provides some indication that a renewed Canadian interest in the UN would be both possible and welcomed by many Canadians.

The Wilson Institute for Canadian History at McMaster University invites those interested to attend a one-day symposium that will bring together an interdisciplinary mixture of scholars whose interests lie in the history of the UN, Canadian foreign policy, development studies, peace studies, and political science. It will assemble those who study the UN using a number of different approaches, not simply the study of policy. These include: the efficacy of the UN as a progressive force; Canadian interactions with the UN; and Canada’s future with the UN. The first of these topics will capture some of the idealism that greeted the UN’s birth in 1945 and measure the effectiveness of this project for a better world through the decades to the end of the Cold War. The second topic will focus on the intellectual, political, and financial investments that Canadians have made in the United Nations. Prominent and ordinary people alike have had remarkable encounters with the UN, and this panel will delve more fully into how the UN and Canada have mutually constituted one another. Our final panel will look at the UN in the present and offer cogent analyses of its current operations and how it might move to become a more effective organization in the near future.

The Wilson Institute for Canadian History at McMaster University, one of the premier organizations in the country, will host this event on 12 June 2015 in Hamilton, Ontario. Our keynote speaker will be former Minister of External Affairs, Lloyd Axworthy. This symposium will offer a chance to debate the past, present, and future of Canadian involvement with the UN in a constructive and collegial manner. We hope that you will count yourself among those interested in this event!

For further information and the conference schedule, please visit

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Job offering: Chair in the History of Indigenous Arts of North America

The Department of History of The University Of Winnipeg offers a 3-Year Term Position

The Department of History of the University of Winnipeg in partnership with the Winnipeg Art Gallery invites applications for a 3-year term position in the History of Indigenous Arts of North America at the rank of Assistant Professor and Assistant Curator beginning August 1st, 2015. Applications are encouraged from all research specialities.

A completed Ph.D. in the History of Art or related discipline is preferred, but ABDs will be considered. Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. The successful candidate will have a strong commitment to research, undergraduate teaching, and curatorial and museum work, particularly with contemporary Indigenous art. In addition to the academit requisites, a proven record in curatorial work with a regocnized museum or gallery is an asset.

Candidates should submit a covering letter, curriculum vitae, research sample, and teaching portfolio (including syllabi and course evaluations if applicable), and arrange to have three letters of reference sent directly to the Department. The search committee will begin reviewing applications on May 15th, 2015. The deadline for receipt of completed applications and references is May 30th, 2015. The search will continue until such time as the position is filled.

Applications, citing this posting, should be directed to:

Dr. Eliakim Sibanda, Chair
Department of History
University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, MB. R3B 2E9

or be mailed to e.sibanda[at]

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CfP: “ExRe(y). Spaces of Expression and Repression in Post-Millennial North-American Literature and Visual Culture”

International Conference, April 7 & 8, 2016, Lublin, Poland

Organizers: Izabelle Kimak, Julia Nikiel

MCSU Department of American Literature and Culture in cooperation with Canadian Studies Department and Video Game Research Center is pleased to announce a two-day international conference “ExRe(y). Spaces of Expression and Repression in Post-Millennial North-American Literature and Visual Culture.”

The organizers invite presentations that focus on the forms of expression and repression in American or Canadian literature and visual culture (i.e. film, visual arts, video games, television, and others) spanning the period of the last fifteen years, from the year 2000 to the present day.

Topics may include, but are not limited to the following:

• language as a source and tool of oppression and empowerment
• sexuality: self-expression vs. erotophobia and sexual repression
• mind: creativity and trauma, denial and repressed memory
• the body as a space of self-expression and self-inflicted regimes: dietary and beautification practices, clothing, body modification
• emotional abuse, power, and control relationships
• spaces of confinement: prisons, war zones, refugee camps
• surveillance: panopticons and spaces of control
• political repression and persecution: totalitarianism, autocracy, dictatorship, despotism
• representations of post-millennial watersheds (9/11, Enron, John Jay Report, crisis of 2008)
• new forms of narrative expression (blogs, fan fiction, Twiterature)
• text as an interactive space: ergodic literature, hypertext, cybertext
• video games and virtual worlds as spaces of expression and repression
• cross- and trans-media dialogues (expressing image through text and text through image)

Selected presenters will be invited to participate in a joint book project to be published by Peter Lang in 2017.

Abstracts, including the title of the paper, name of the author(s), and academic affiliation, should be sent to Izabella Kimak and Julia Nikiel ( by 15 October 2015.

For further information, please visit:

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Congress “Capital Ideas” of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2015

Congress, May 30 – June 5 at the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON (CA)

Organizer: Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Unrivaled in scope and impact, the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences is the convergence of approximately 70 scholarly associations, each holding their annual conference under one umbrella.  Now in its 84th year, this flagship event is much more than Canada’s largest gathering of scholars. Congress brings together academics, researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners to share findings, refine ideas, and build partnerships that will help shape the Canada of tomorrow.

Typically spanning seven days in late May and early June, and attracting an average of 8,000 attendees, Congress is organized by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences and hosted by a different Canadian university each year. The Federation, host university, scholarly associations and partners develop a full week of presentations, workshops, panels, public lectures, cultural events and receptions. It also features Canada’s largest academic trade show. The result? Luminaries, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and students from across Canada and abroad meet, share ideas and engage in discussions that have direct importance for Canada and the lives of Canadians.

Congress programming is open to attendees, academics and non-academic audiences. From theatre research, literature studies and history to education, sociology and communications, Congress represents a unique showcase of scholarly excellence, creativity, and leadership.

Further information on the program and registration: Congress 2015

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DAAD sucht ausländische Alumni für Imagefilm zum Thema “Studieren und Arbeiten in Deutschland”

Der DAAD sucht Alumni im Alter von 25 bis 35 Jahren aus den Herkunftsländern Kanada, China, Polen, Frankreich, Belgien, Niederlande und Südamerika, die Zeit und Lust haben, bei einem Imagefilm zum Thema “Studieren und Arbeiten in Deutschland” mitzuwirken. Sie sollen über ihre Zeit als Studierende sprechen und ihren Arbeitsplatz vorstellen.

Die Alumni aus den o.g. Herkunftsländern sollen heute/aktuell entweder in Deutschland, Frankreich, Polen,Belgien oder den Niederlanden arbeiten. Sowohl Berufsanfänger als auch Berufstätige mit mehrjähriger Berufserfahrung sind willkommen.

Absolventen aller Fachrichtungen sowie Universitäten und Fachhochschulen sind angesprochen. Die Dreharbeiten sollen im Juni stattfinden.
Achtung: Die Rückmeldefrist wurde bis zum 08.05.2015 verlängert.

Detaillierte Informationen und Kontaktdaten finden Sie hier:

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Appel à communication: “La francophonie canadienne comme public: penser ses espaces, ses politiques et ses problèmes”

Colloque étudiant du Centre de recherche en civilisation
canadienne-française de l’Université d’Ottawa
12 et 13 novembre 2015

Organisateurs: Ariane Brun del Re, Marie Hélène Eddie et Mathieu Wade

La notion de public, à la fois pluridisciplinaire et polysémique, permet d’aborder un ensemble de phénomènes, d’acteurs et de processus. Pluridisciplinaire, elle se situe à la croisée des sciences humaines et sociales, traversant les champs de la sociologie (action publique, problèmes publics), de la science politique (politiques publiques, distinction
public / privé), des arts (publics littéraires, artistiques, non publics), de la géographie (espace public), du droit (droit public) et de la communication (sphère publique). Polysémique, la notion de public désigne une panoplie de réalités: un type de collectif (public, audience), une qualité de l’espace (espace public / privé), des types d’action (politiques publics, services publics) et des constructions symboliques (opinion publique, problèmes publics).

Cette richesse fait de la notion de public un outil pour aborder la francophonie canadienne de façon à faire apparaître des acteurs, des actions et des phénomènes inédits. Elle révèle des tensions et des confl its qui existent entre les francophones et les autres groupes de même qu’au sein de la communauté francophone elle-même. Qu’il soit question d’espaces de débat politique ou artistique, parler en terme de « public » permet d’envisager la francophonie canadienne non pas comme une communauté consensuelle et homogène, mais comme un lieu complexe et fragmenté, un espace politisé, traversé de discussions et de contestations. Elle permet également de rendre compte des diverses manières dont les francophones côtoient d’autres espaces et participent à d’autres publics.

Ce colloque est ouvert à tous les étudiants de maîtrise et de doctorat, ainsi qu’aux stagiaires postdoctoraux qui s’intéressent à la francophonie canadienne, peu importe leur domaine d’études sans égard à leur institution d’attache. Aucuns frais d’inscription ne sont requis.

La date limite pour les propositions est le 15 mai 2015.

Plus d’informations sur


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International Conference: “Anabaptist Roots in North American Landscapes: The Plain People Today”

International Conference, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, July 2 – 4, 2015

Organizers: Maryann Henck, Maria Moss, and Sabrina Völz

In recent years, American and Cultural Studies scholars – not only in North America but also in Germany – have begun reassessing the national narrative on religion to reflect the diverse realities of North America. While some smaller religious minorities firmly embedded in American culture have been included, the religious faiths originating from Anabaptist traditions in German-speaking countries have largely been ignored. Given the unending array of documentaries, romance and detective novels, reality TV programs, blogs and life narratives about the “Plain People” as well as the ever-expanding tourism industry to Amish and Mennonite Country, a closer look at these separatists is warranted. Moreover, the growing concern about changing cultural, political, and religious landscapes in North America as well as the downside of globalization and technology have increased the nostalgia for the simple rural life of yesteryear.

A barbeque will conclude the symposium and celebrate North American Studies at Leuphana. All papers presented will be eligible for inclusion in an upcoming volume of the American Studies Journal ( on religious minorities.

For further information see:

For further questions, please contact


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International Symposium: Biopolitics – Geopolitics – Sovereignty – Life: Settler Colonialisms and Indigenous Presences in North America

International Symposium, University of Mainz, 25-27 June 2015

Organizers: Dr. René Dietrich (Mainz), Prof. Dr. Kerstin Knopf (Bremen)

This conference takes issue with biopolitics and geopolitics in the settler nation-states of North America, executed through continuing techniques of dispossession and surveillance of Indigenous populations, as well as with corresponding forms of sovereignty, agency, and life exercised in the matrix of biopower.

Biopolitical attempts to regulate Indigenous peoples – via removal, assimilation, education, administration, representation, genealogical politics, surveillance and disciplinary regimes – subject Indigenous nations to settler colonial rule by depoliticizing them. Biopolitical practices act towards Indigenous nations not as sovereign political entities in their own right, but subsume them under the imaginary racialized population of ‘Indians’ that is mainly defined through its separation from the settlers’ body politic proper. At the same time, Morgan Brigg’s concept of ‘terrapolitics’ and Mark Rifkin’s concept of ‘bare habitance’ have crucially pointed out that discussions of settler colonial biopolitics of racialization and regulation should not come at the expense of geopolitics of dispossession and removal. In this light, recent interrogations of settler colonial violence against Indigenous lands and lives in the production of colonial space in the U.S. and Canada (Mishuana Goeman) and the employment of “Indianness” for the transit of U.S. empire (Jodi Byrd) manifest the link between theories of bio- and geopolitics as an integral instrument to critique settler colonial techniques and practices.

Life itself, however, was less in the focus of critical inquiry. Putting forth that life is situated at a crucial junction between bio- and geopolitics, this conference wants to advance recent work by exploring and theorizing the different politics and epistemologies (concepts, forms, knowledges) of life in settler and Indigenous contexts in relation to bio- and geopolitical practices. It seeks to investigate how these can help to formulate ‘life’ as a category for political analysis and critique in settler-Indigenous relations, in evolving formations of sovereignty and agency, and in the struggle for decolonization.

We thus invite scholars of various disciplines engaged in these issues to discuss how an in-depth exploration of ‘life’ as a critical concept and political category in the tension between bio- and geopolitical practices and Indigenous forms of sovereignty and agency helps to further illuminate the complex, contested and still largely asymmetrical relations and interactions between settler colonialisms and Indigenous presences in North America.

Confirmed speakers: Mishuana Goeman (U of California), Mark Rifkin (U of North Carolina), Andrea Smith (U of California), Michael R. Griffiths (U of Wollongong), Robert Nichols (U of Minnesota), Audra Simpson (Columbia U), Kathy-Ann Tan (Tuebingen), Brian Hudson (U of Oklahoma), Gesa Mackenthun (Rostock), Sandy Grande (Connecticut College), Norbert Finzsch (Cologne), Jaqueline Fear-Segal (East Anglia), Ursula Lehmkuhl (Trier), Sabine N. Meyer (Osnabrueck), René Dietrich (Mainz).

The symposium features a reading by Deborah A. Miranda (Raised by Humans. Poems, 2015; Bad Indians. A Tribal Memoir, 2013)

For further information see:

For any questions please contact:,

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