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The European Network for Canadian Studies (formerly “European Taskforce on Canadian Studies”) was founded in 1990 as a result of the First Pan-European Conference on Canadian Studies in The Hague, Netherlands. Its aim is to improve and advance networking opportunities for Canadianists in Europe. The ENCS meets twice a year at different locations across Europe.

ENCS frequently holds international Canadian Studies seminars. Every five years it organizes larger conferences at the European level. In the past these conferences were held in The Hague (1990), Berg en Dal, Netherlands (1995), Bremen (2000), and Brussels (2005).

Another important event is the European Student Seminar for Graduate Work in Canadian Studies, which is held by ENCS on a regular basis. Seminars were held in Edinburgh, Scotland (1992), Brussels, Belgium (1993) Grainau, Germany (1994), Caceres, Spain (1995), Lund, Sweden (1996), Bologna, Italy (1997), Belfast, Northern Ireland (1998), Groningen, Netherlands (1999), Brno, Czech Republic (2000), Avignon, France (2001), Berlin, Germany (2002), Barcelona, Spain (2003), Szeged, Hungary (2004), York, Great Britain (2005), Graz, Austria (2006). A selection of the best contributions to the seminars is published in ENCS’s own series Canadian Studies in Europe/Études canadiennes en Europe.

You can find more information about ENCS on their website.