2017 CCMET Article Prize

The Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnicity, and Transnationalism (CCMET) Article Prize acknowledges scholarly articles and book chapters, in English and French, judged to have made an original, significant, and meritorious contribution to the historical study of migration and ethnicity. The winners receive a certificate of achievement and their names are published on the Canadian Historical Association website. A monetary award will be given, pending the results of the fundraising campaign. The prize will be awarded annually by the Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnicity and Transnationalism of the Canadian Historical Association.

In years in which fewer than eight articles or book chapters are submitted, CCMET reserves the right not to grant the award but to retain the nominated articles and chapters for adjudication the following year.

Eligibility requirements:
Works published during the period in the current calendar year (2016) on subjects relating to the history of migration and ethnicity in Canada or by scholars with a primary affiliation in Canada on subjects relating to the history of migration and ethnicity in any part of the world are eligible for consideration.

Both articles and chapters in edited volumes are eligible for this award. Book chapters must be in peer-reviewed collections be of article length.

Deadline for Nomination: January 17, 2017.

Please submit a digital copy of the article or book chapters to the chair of the CCMET Article Prize Commitee, Dr. Jane Nicholas. Authors may submit their pieces directly to the chair of the adjudication committee, and others can nominate and submit the article or chapter on an author’s behalf.

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