Call for Papers: Panel „La Révolution tranquille? Espaces et échanges au Canada francophone“

Graduate Student Conference „(Re)Activism“ organised by Leah Holz, Jocelyne Franklin, French and Italian Department, University of Colorado-Boulder

Panel organised by Arianne Margolin, University of Denver

Dates: October 6-7, 2017, University of Colorado-Boulder campus

The panel „La Révolution tranquille? Espaces et échanges au Canada francophone“/ „La Révolution tranquille ? Francophone Canadian Spaces and Exchanges,“ which is part of the Graduate Student Conference „(Re)Activism,“ seeks papers on nationalistic, immigrant, and activist spaces in literature, film, image, social and political movements, or performance arts in Québec and Acadia during the Quiet Revolution, which developed in terms of socio-linguistic independence from Anglophone Canada as well as from France. We would particularly welcome papers pertaining to regional and cultural tensions of the same theme between Québec and Acadia and those between the Québécois and the people of the First Nations.

Colloque jeunes chercheurs „(Re)Activism“ organisé par Leah Holz, Jocelyne Franklin, French and Italian Department, Université du Colorado

Atelier organisé par Arianne Margolin, Université de Denver

Université du Colorado, 6-7 octobre 2017

Cet atelier, lié au colloque jeunes chercheurs „(Re)Activism,“ se propose d’étudier les espaces nationalistes, immigrés et activistes, de littérature, de film, d’image, de manifestations et de spectacle au Québec et en Acadie, au cours de la Révolution tranquille, qui se développent en fonction de l’autonomie socio-linguistique du Canada anglophone ainsi que de la France. Il s’agira aussi de s’intéresser aux tensions régionales et culturelles entre le Québec et l’Acadie et entre les Québécois (européens) et les nations autochtones.

For submission details, please visit:

Deadline for submissions: July 10, 2017.

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