Call for Book Chapter Proposals:

Research as Reconciliation

The edited book will profile stories of Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers engaging in the process of reconciliation. Although coming from various disciplines and backgrounds, all their work is grounded in Indigenous world views. The overarching questions that guide this work are, what does research that advances reconciliation look like? What are the experiences of researchers and community members who are striving to do research that is responsible to communities and grounded in relationships (to people, land and spirit)?

We aim to highlight Indigenist research, methodologies and pedagogy as forms of knowledge production and transmission that extend beyond the theoretical into practical work that demonstrates reconciliation processes in action. The book will profile stories of Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers from various disciplines doing work that is grounded in Indigenist world views. Contributors will include Métis, First Nations, Inuit, and Non-Indigenous voices from communities across Canada as well as a few international Indigenist scholars. The book will be comprised of research stories written in a variety of creative forms, such as stories, plays, twitter conversations and visual methodologies. By emphasizing stories rather than traditional academic chapters, we aim for the book to be reflective of individual voices, relevant to Indigenous traditions of storytelling, and interesting to practitioners, community members and others outside of academia who are engaging with research.

Submission deadline: August 15, 2017

Further details:

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