CfP: 15th Annual Graduate Conference of the Young Scholars’ Forum of GKS

Witnessing Resurgence: Self-Determination and Allyship

University of Bern, Switzerland, 29 June – 1 July 2018

In its fifteenth iteration, the Young Scholars’ Forum invites scholars and the public to look back on Canada’s celebration of its 150th birthday in order to debate the future of Canada and Canadian studies. In particular, though not exclusively, we would like to acknowledge the different and complex ways in which Indigenous voices have responded to the sesquicentennial, which some critics renamed Colonialism 150. At stake is the larger question of reconciliation, the (de)construction of a national and historical master-narrative, the colonial character of the Canadian government, as well as the legitimacy of the Canadian state. How has Canada responded to the challenges of reconciliation? What kind of nation-building discourse did, and still does, Canada create and how does it affect Indigenous peoples? What is the role of academics in all disciplines of Canadian studies in the reconciliation and continuous nation-building process? What does allyship look like in 2018 in academia and beyond?

The complete CfP can be accessed here.

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