CfP: The 16th Jerusalem Conference in Canadian Studies „Globalization and Innovation: Canada and Israel in Comparative Perspective“

The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Israel Association for Canadian Studies, 20-22 May 2019 in Jerusalem, Israel

Innovation is considered nowadays as a necessary foundation for the vitality of organizations and nations, directly impacting their growth and prosperity. Whereas once natural-, financial-, and human capital were considered critical for robustness, today the focus is on innovativeness, namely the capacity for creativity and implementation of novel ideas and practices. Therefore, seeing that innovativeness is regarded as critical for any society, community, region, firm, or organization that face fast changing conditions or fierce competition, innovation rose to be the central component for policy-making and strategic planning worldwide. Moreover, nations and organizations compete not only for better outcomes of innovation, such as higher rates of innovation-based fortunes, but also for better reputation as innovators. How has this global “innovation imperative” impact the global integration and the development of nations, regions, and firms? How is Canada positioned in the increasingly dense and global web of innovation-based ventures and projects? And, how has the reputation of Israel as “start-up nation” reflect on Canada’s innovation policy and on the innovation strategy of Canadian firms and organizations? Putting Canada and Canadian affairs in the context of the phenomenal rates of worldwide expansion of innovation, the 16th Jerusalem Conference in Canadian Studies shall be devoted to debating the social role of innovation in delivering progress and justice to people and societies worldwide, also through comparing among different nations, different sectors, and different historic eras.

The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Israel Association for Canadian Studies are convening a three-day conference at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to steer discussions that situate Canada and Canadian affairs within the context of globalization and innovation.

See the full Call for Papers here.

Deadline for proposals: October 1, 2018.

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