CfP: De la comunidad a la globalidad: procesos y perspectivas del patrimonio cultural en las Américas / From Community to Globality: Processes and Perspectives Regarding Cultural Heritage in the Americas

Tagung der Amerika-Regionalgruppen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie „Futuro hoy/ ayer/ manana. Visions of future(s) in the Americas“, panel coordinated by Valeska Díaz, Verónica Montero, Angela Weber, Languages: Spanish/ English

Cultural heritage entails many aspects, including the cultural, the social, the economic and the legislative, among other facets, and establishes complex relations far beyond local and national spheres, reaching transnational and global contexts. In the focus of this panel are the processes of valuation which transform cultural expressions into cultural heritage. The panel aims at inquiring into the ways such processes take place, the agents involved (actors, mediators, decision-makers, public and private institutions) and the values and meanings that come into play. The implications and contradictions of these processes shall be discussed, and the ways they affect the relationships between the multiple actors. The dimensions (academic, social, economic, political, among others) of processes which define cultural heritage in local, national and transnational contexts, shall also be explored. We are looking for contributions which address these topics reflecting on their possible future developments, as well as on the role of researchers in such developments.

The panel organizers explicitly invite contributions with a Canadian Studies focus.

Submission deadline: Jan. 29, 2019.

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