Canadian Studies Konferenz der Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland

We would like to share with you the invitation from our Irish „sister association“ to their upcoming conference:

We are delighted to announce that the final programme for the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI)’s online biennial conference this May (13-14) is now available.  The conference theme is Borders and Beyond / Les Frontières et au-delà.  Keynote speakers include Perrine Leblanc, Jane Koustas and Axel Meisen, with screened performances and Q&As from Deirdre Mulrooney and Julie Morrissy. The programme is available on the association’s web site, as well as here:
All attendees must register in advance by the close of May 11th.  Registration is free and available at the following link:

With best wishes,

Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland

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