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Aktuelles Call for Papers Veranstaltungen

Call for Papers Symposium: Selfing and Shelving. Zines, Zine Media, and Zintivism

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

May 3, 2024

Zines are extremely versatile and shapeshifter across various historical and cultural contexts. The term covers a wide range of objects with different aesthetic and material qualities as well as contexts of production and reception: Zines accommodate the collective concerns of fans and activists (zintivism) and the personal voice of the diarist and letter writer. Since the rise of digital media, zines and their aesthetics have become portable: Digitised and digital zines exist alongside blogs, social media, podcasts, and substacks, which seem to exhibit zine-y tendencies, while digital infrastructures have changed the way that print zines are produced, distributed, and archived.

At the same time, print media, including zines, have seen a revival and postdigital reinvention, not the least as a paper-based escape from screens. In this new constellation, we propose to revisit questions like: Where does the zine begin and end and how have its meanings changed for readers, collectors, and makers? How can contemporary developments of the zine (like the wave of quaranzines) change our understanding of its meaning, genealogy, and archive? And what, and where, are zines now?

This symposium suggests considering these questions through the lens of

  • shelving – the zine at home, on the shelves of libraries, archives, and collectors, its repurposing and disassembling, its neglect as ephemera as well as remediation through reprints and staging in exhibitions, coffee table books, etc.
  • and ‘selfing’ – the zine as a tool in making identities and ‘working on the self,’ as a ‘third space’ for new subjectivities, as ‘sticky’ with affects, as the glue of communal belonging (local/transnational), as resource for ‘subcultural capital’ and distinction, and as conduit for relationships and activism.

We especially welcome papers that propose theoretical approaches which attend to the materiality of zines and zine production and consider the printed zine as only one form of zine media. We are interested in new approaches to zines as well as in investigations of media and objects that borrow from, reference, mimic, disguise as, or are influenced by the zine – that are in some way zine-y and take the format, aesthetics, tone, and/or affect beyond paper.

Please send an abstract (ca. 300 words) + a short biography to and

by December 31, 2023.

This symposium is designed as a friendly space for established and emerging scholars to share and discuss ideas. We also encourage practitioners to apply and are happy to accommodate non-academic formats of presentation.


Sabina Fazli, Obama Institute, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany

Miloš Hroch, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Call for Papers PDF

Aktuelles Nachwuchsforum Veranstaltungen

Rencontre é en études québécoises 26/09/2023

Rencontre en ligne
Le mardi 26 septembre à 17 h (UTC +2)
Nous organisons une rencontre informelle en ligne des é en études québécoises dans le monde entier.
Nous allons notamment discuter des points suivants:
– Financement des recherches en études québécoises
– Tournée des auteurs/autrices/artistes québé
– Communication au sujet des colloques, conférences, écoles d’été…
– …
Nous sommes très de voir tant d’intérêt à promouvoir la recherche par des é et souhaitons continuer à construire une communauté internationale pour la relève en études québécoises (avec le soutien de l’AIEQ et le Réseau des chercheurs émergents du CIEC) !
La rencontre est ouverte aux é en études québécoises ainsi qu’aux (é souhaitant soutenir le travail de la relève dans le domaine des études québécoises.
Aktuelles Veranstaltungen

Indigenous Futurisms: Troubling Utopia with Conrad Scott – July, 12 & 14 – online

Indigenous Futurisms: Troubling Utopia with Conrad Scott
A two-day online event
12 & 14 July 2023 @ 4 PM BST (UTC+1)
Indigenous Futurisms (a term coined by Grace Dillon) suggest the imperative and opportunity of forward, generative, and healing cultural movements as conceived by writers, other artistic creators, and knowledge keepers speculating about more positive outcomes despite what are currently troubling urban and rural issues that extend from the local to the regional and even global. For this two-part session, Conrad Scott will examine how some of these imaginings about the future are disturbing and even dystopian, unpacking such factors as environmental entanglements, changes to place, and the disappearance of home, among other factors, in a reading of contemporary work in this area.
Conrad Scott holds a PhD from the University of Alberta (English and Film Studies) and an MA from the University of Victoria (English). He is an Assistant Lecturer with the University of Alberta, and also an instructor for the University of Athabasca’s “The Ecological Imagination” course. He currently serves as the Co-President for the Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada (ALECC) and the Science Fiction Research Association’s (SFRA) Country Rep for Canada. He researches contemporary sf and environmental literature, with current projects focused on plant and animal futures, as well as the spatial turn. His academic writing has appeared in Transmotion, Extrapolation, Paradoxa, The Anthropocene and the Undead, Environmental Philosophy, The Goose, UnderCurrents, Science Fiction Studies, The SFRA Review, The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, and Canadian Literature, with forthcoming chapters in The Routledge Handbook of CoFuturisms (2023) and Animals and SF (Palgrave 2023). He is also a co-editor for the forthcoming Entangled Futurities (Routledge Environmental Humanities Book Series 2024), the proofreader for the forthcoming English-translated Anthology of Turkish Science Fiction Stories (Transnational Press London 2023), and the author of the poetry collection Waterline Immersion (Frontenac House 2019).
Troubling Utopia: New Horizons in Research and Practice is a series of events and encounters to nurture and support the sharing and development of new research and thinking in utopian studies. Our goal is to initiate a sea-change in the academic field by shining a light on some of the unexamined inequalities, hierarchies and cultural assumptions which have underpinned past scholarly research, even as the core object of investigation for utopian studies has been how modes of being and living can be radically improved. We foreground approaches that centre queer perspectives, decolonial methodologies, and otherwise insurgent utopian thinking and practice.
Organized by Adam Stock, Heather Alberro, Manuel Sousa Oliveira, Athira Unni, and Rhiannon Firth
Funded by York St John University (School QR [Quality-related Research] Funding – 2022/23)



Aktuelles Nachwuchsforum Veranstaltungen

Konferenz des Nachwuchsforums « Contested Canada » am 29./30.6. in Berlin

Das Nachwuchsforum der Gesellschaft für Kanada-Studien lädt alle Interessierten ganz herzlich zur diesjährigen Konferenz zum Thema    « CONTESTED CANADA: Navigating, Past, Present and Future Sovereignties » // « LE CANADA CONTESTÉ : Naviguer entre les souverainetés passées, présentes et futures » ein. Die Konferenz wird am 29. und 30. Juni am John-F.-Kennedy-Institut der Freien Universität Berlin stattfinden. Weitere Informationen und das Programm sind auf der Seite des Nachwuchsforums zu finden.

Aktuelles Veranstaltungen

Premiere der deutschen Übersetzung von DUCKS am 2. Juni um 16.30 Kanadische Botschaft Berlin

Einladung zur Premiere der deutschen Übersetzung von DUCKS mit der Bestsellerautorin Kate Beaton vor Ort!

Präsentation und Diskussion

Darstellerin: Katja Klengel

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Astrid Fellner

Besonderer Gast: Lindsay Bird

Mit anschlieβendem Empfang und Signierstunde

Mit dem einzigen Ziel, ihr Studentendarlehen abzubezahlen, macht sich Kate Beaton auf den Weg in den Westen, um vom Ölrausch in Alberta zu profitieren – und reiht sich damit in die lange Tradition der kanadischen Ostküstenbewohner ein, die anderswo Arbeit suchen, wenn sie zu Hause keine finden. Sie wird mit der harten Realität des Lebens in den Ölsanden konfrontiert, wo Traumata an der Tagesordnung sind, aber nie angesprochen werden.

Beatons zeichnerisches Können kommt voll zur Geltung, wenn sie kolossale Maschinen und gigantische Fahrzeuge vor der erhabenen Kulisse der Albertaner Wildnis, der Nordlichter und des borealen Waldes zeichnet. Ihre abendfüllende grafische Erzählung DUCKS: Zwei Jahre in den Ölsanden ist die Geschichte eines Landes, das sich seines egalitären Ethos und seiner natürlichen Schönheit rühmt, während es gleichzeitig die Reichtümer seines Landes und die Menschlichkeit seiner Bewohner ausbeutet.

„Dieses Buch ist ein Fenster zu so vielen kritischen Gesprächen über die Umwelt, über indigene Landrechte, über die Schuldenkrise der Studenten und über Geschlechterbeziehungen.“ – Mattea Roach für Canada Reads 2023

„Kate Beatons außergewöhnlich gut erzählte und gezeichnete grafische Memoiren voller Einblicke in die Zerstörung von Mensch und Umwelt machen sie zu einer Memoirenschreiberin ersten Ranges.“ – Los Angeles Times

* Bitte beachten Sie, dass diese Veranstaltung in deutscher und englischer Sprache stattfinden wird.

** Da bei der Veranstaltung keine Bücher verkauft werden, empfehlen wir Ihnen, entweder die englische oder die deutsche Version in Ihrer Lieblingsbuchhandlung zu bestellen und sie zur Veranstaltung mitzubringen, um sie signieren zu lassen.

Bitte melden Sie sich hier an