The Riley Lectures in Canadian History: Allyson Stevenson – The Sixties scoop and the colonization of indigineous kinship

October 7, 2021; 7-8:30 pm (GMT-5), virtual

Allyson Stevenson is a Métis scholar and adoptee, ehose family is from Kinistino, SK, raised in Pile of Bones/Regina. She joined the Indiginous Studies Department at the UNiversity of Saskatchewan as the Gabriel Dumont Chair of Métis research in July 2020. Her book, Intimate Integration: The Sixties Scoop and the COlonoitaion of Indigenous Kinship was published with the University of Toronto Press in December 2020. She has published research on Prairies Indigenous dipliimacy, the history of decolonizing the care of Métis children in Saskatchewan, and Indigenous women’s political organizing. She is now undertaking a research project that will explore the significance of water and riverways to Métis identity and culture, working in collaboration with the Métis community of kah-ministik-ominahkoskahk (Pine Island), otherwise known as Cumberland House.

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