CFP: Visual Cultures of the Circumpolar North – A NiCHE & Jackman Humanities Institute Series

Proposal Deadline: June 10, 2022

Series Publication: August & September 2022

In  partnership  with  NiCHE,  we  are  inviting  submissions  of  500-1000  words  for  a series  that  brings  together  interdisciplinary  perspectives  on  the  cultural,  social,  and environmental  dynamics  across  Indigenous  communities  and  settler  populations  in Alaska,  Canada,  Greenland,  the  Nordic  countries,  and  Russia  to  examine  the complex visual/textual  cultures  of this region.  Proposals of 150 words will be accepted until June 10th with publications running from  August through to the end of September.  If  you  are interested  in  contributing  to  this  series,  please  email  your  proposal  and  a  short  bio to  Isabelle  Gapp  at  isabelle.gapp  [@]  Please  also  feel  free  to  write  to Isabelle  if  you would like any additional information or have any questions.  An honorarium  is  available  for  contributors  without  adequate  or  consistent  access  to institutional financial compensation, assistance or support.  For more information, pleaseconsult the following link:

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