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CFP: Special issue of International Journal of Canadian Studies “Is Canada a model ?” / « Le Canada est-il un modèle ? »

Call for articles– International Journal of Canadian Studies

Special issue #61 – May 2023

“Le Canada est-il un modèle ?» / « Is Canada a model ? »

The International Journal of Canadian Studies is seeking interdisciplinary original submissions for its #61 special issue to be published in May 2023.

This special issue welcomes articles discussing the topic: “Is Canada a model?”

Deadline: October 3, 2022

The International Journal of Canadian Studies is a long-running interdisciplinary journal dedicated to examining Canada from the fields of the arts, literature, geography, history, native studies, social and political sciences. The bilingual journal is published by the University of Toronto Press.

Submissions could explore the place of Canada in the world as a possible “role model” or simply a model of society, in the past or present times. Does Canada have a power of emulation regarding other nations, regarding which topics? Is Canada a (self-proclaimed) leader in some specific social or political areas? In the field of the arts and literatures, are there any Canadian literary canons ?

Submissions (6000 to 8000 words plus two summaries in English and French) are welcome from a range of disciplines and perspectives in Canadian Studies, including, but not restricted to political studies, international relations literatures and the arts, history, native studies, sociology, anthropology.

Submissions in French or English can be uploaded on our portal until October 3, 2022.

To prepare and submit your submission, follow the “Guideline for authors” on our website:

 All articles will undergo double-blind peer review.


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