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Aktuelles Call for Papers Veranstaltungen

Call for Papers of the Young Scholars‘ Forum for Grainau 2017

Young Scholars‘ Forum at the Annual Conference of the GKS, Grainau, 17 – 19th February 2017

logo_nachwuchs_gksThe Young Scholars‘ Forum would like to invite Canadianists and young scholars from all disciplines to contribute papers to their panel at the 38th Annual Conference of the GKS with the framing topic:

Revisiting Suburbia
Revisiter les espaces périurbaines

Advanced BA/MA students, doctoral students and post-docs who have not yet presented in Grainau are invited to present and discuss their research siturated in the general framework of the conference, but also from other fields of Canadian Studies and different disciplines.

The deadline is December 15, 2016. Please sent a 200-word abstract (for 20-minute papers) and a short biographical note via email to the Young Scholars‘ Forum.

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