CfP: „Changing Social Connections in Time and Space“

42nd Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association (SSHA), November 2 – 5, 2017, Montreal, Quebec/Canada

The Race/Ethnicity network of the Social Science History Association welcomes submissions to this year’s conference theme „Changing Social Connections in Time and Space.“ Papers and panels on topics that address the conference theme are welcome, including:

  • „Scholars Ignored:“ Patterns of Exclusion in Academia
  • Social Movements and Politics
  • History and Memories of Rights Battles
  • Pedagogy, preservation/continuity of struggle
  • Defining an Intersectional Politics
  • Sexuality, Solidarities, and Networks of Activism
  • Race and Politics: Panels addressing the contemporary political situation
  • The Far Right Movements
  • The Far Right and Racialization
  • Reisstance to Far Right Movements
  • White Nationalism, the construction of Whiteness
  • Refugees
  • Racialization
  • Criminalization as Racialization
  • Spatialization of Racialization (e.g. ghettos and internment camps)
  • Intersections of Race and Religion
  • First Nations: Histories, Activism

The deadline for sumbission of abstracts is March 3, 2017, and the submission portal is now open at this web address. Please not: All SSHA requires to submit at this point is an abstract. You can find more information at the SSHA’s website.

Graduate student papers are especially welcome and funding is available to assist with conference travel. The new application process for funding can be found here. If you would be interested in putting together an entire session, please let the organizers know and they would be happy to provide you with the details as to how to do this.

Contact info:
Joseph O. Jewell
Liz Onasch
Marisela Martinez-Cola

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