CfP for Early Career Researchers: International Symposium “Karl Marx, Marxism, and the Global South”

INPUTS International Symposium

University of Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences, Bremen

4-5 May 2018

“Karl Marx, Marxism, and the Global South”

On 5 May 2018 the 200th birthday of Karl Marx will be commemorated with a variety of events and exhibitions throughout the world.

The symposium aims at critically acknowledging, reviewing and discussing Marx’s ideas, influences and legacies from a variety of perspectives of the Global South, focusing on postcolonial interpretations and adaptations as well as on circulations of utopian ideas. During the 20th century and the liberation movements in the Global South, often memorized traditional-societal and Marxist ideas (on modernization) were interwoven into utopian visions of the future (e.g. in the writings of José Mariátegui/Peru, Kwame Nkrumah/Ghana or Ali Schariati/Iran). Marxist thoughts had and still have an effect on visions of a fairer world in the Global South and beyond. The question how more just societies and sustainable modes of production could be designed, is not only a historical and utopian but also a question of contemporary relevance, deserving closer attention in the humanities.

Beside invited senior scholars, the symposium aims at integrating the work of junior scholars into scholarly debates. At this point we seek contributions from young scholars to present their projects with relations to the symposium topic. Depending on our budget, we intend to support each young scholar with a subsidy of approximately 100 €.

See the full CfP here.

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