Call for Papers

45th Annual Conference, British Association for Canadian Studies

Canada and International Orders

Centre of Canadian Studies, University of Edinburgh, 23-25 April 2020

Co-sponsored by the Centre of Canadian Studies, BACS returns to Scotland for the first time in 20 years. Much has changed, not least the international order. ‚Canada and the International Order‘ will, therefore, be the orienting theme for BACS 2020, with papers addressing the relationship between Scotland and Canada especially welcome.
Canada has existed within international orders, whether during pre-colonization, under French and British rule or as a nation-state. In the twentieth century Canadian governments negotiated a distinct course during the cold war’s geopolitical stand off, and are doing so again in the twenty-first century’s unravelling of the previous order. BACS 2020 explores both the challenges posed by successive international orders to Canada, as well as the distinctive contributions that Canada has made in shaping these orders.

Contributions from all disciplines are most welcome. We especially invite papers that engage with the following themes:

  • The British Empire and the Commonwealth
  • La Francophonie and Quebec’s external relations
  • ‚Sleeping with an elephant‘: Canada and the United States
  • Human rights, LGBTQ2 rights and feminist international assistance
  • United Nations and Peacekeeping
  • lndigeneity and Arctic governance
  • Immigration and the Post/decolonial

Papers that address other themes in the study of Canada are also very welcome.

Deadline for proposals: 18 November 2019; details on how to submit individual and panel proposals:

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