CFP for Special Issue of Canadian Ethnic Studies: „Pandemic Perspectives: Racialized and Gendered Experiences of Refugee and Immigrant Families in Canada“

Deadline: November 15, 2021

This special issue on the impact of the pandemic on refugee and immigrant families in Canada seeks to capture the gendered and racialized experiences of families of refugees and immigrants during the pandemic. The pandemic has amplified many of the existing underlying inequities including racial injustices and gender-based discriminations. Racialized refugees and immigrant families in Canada were especially vulnerable to the marginalizing social outcomes of the pandemic. For instance, during the pandemic hate crimes against Asian and Muslim immigrants and refugees has been at an all-time high in Canada; college educated immigrant women have experienced the highest rates of unemployment; immigrant careworkers of colour have died at disproportionally high rates; and refugee families have experienced prolonged family separations, barriers to health care and higher rates of domestic violence.

Given the virulent nature of racialized and gendered impact of the pandemic on marginalized groups in Canada, this special issue welcomes works that offer substantive empirical accounts framed through either critical race theory or intersectional feminist theory on the varied experiences of immigrant and refugee families during the pandemic. We are especially interested in work that critically analyzes how existing inequities were exacerbated during the pandemic for families of immigrant and refugees and how may these families have resisted these marginalizing experiences.

Submissions may focus on one or more of the following topics as they pertain to immigrant and refugee families during the pandemic:

– Racial and gender-based violence
– Gender, race, sexuality-based hate crimes
– Challenges of parenting
– Racialization of domestic violence
– Family separation
– Gendered and racial discrimination in employment and effect on the family
– Gendered and racialized barriers to health care for the families
– Immigrant careworkers and their families
– Racialized emotions and the pandemic
– Queer families and breakdown of support systems
– Transnational families
– Resistance by families in the face of gendered and racialized oppressive experiences.

This is not an exhaustive list and manuscripts that address the broader theme surrounding the gendered and racialized impact of the pandemic on immigrants and refugees will be given full consideration. Both qualitative and quantitative empirical pieces are encouraged but the work needs to engage critically with issues of race and gender.

Potential authors are encouraged to submit an extended abstract of no more than 500 words to the corresponding guest editor, Pallavi Banerjee, at, and

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