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Aktuelles Call for Papers

International conference „Ideology in Postcolonial Texts and Contexts“

This conference on Ideology in Postcolonial Texts and Contexts (Münster, 14-16 May 2015) serves as a forum for theoretical reflections and critical re-evaluations of the term ideology in a multi- and interdisciplinary context. As a field that is characterized by diversity with regard to its methodologies as well as to the disciplines involved, contemporary postcolonial studies are particularly well-suited for carrying out this debate around such a highly complex concept. This includes the discussion about the ideological (or counter-ideological?) implications of ‘postcolonialism’ itself.

This conference is organized by the English Seminar at the University of Münster, representing book studies, linguistics, literary and cultural studies, and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). We look forward to a vibrant discussion among our participants and speakers from these and a broad range of neighbouring disciplines.

Invited keynote speakers are:
Lionel Wee, Singapore (confirmed)
Beth LeRoux, Pretoria (confirmed)
Ingrid Johnston, Edmonton (t.b.c.)

The conference will combine different formats, such as plenary talks, panel and roundtable discussions, poster sessions, and readings.

We are very much looking forward to engaging presentations as well as academic exchange and dialogue among junior and senior researchers from different regions as well as a broad range of academic backgrounds.

For further information on the conference, please visit our conference website:

Aktuelles Call for Papers

CfP: “The aesthetics and politics of contemporary women’s life-writing in Canada and the US: multicultural perspectives”

The international conference “The aesthetics and politics of contemporary women’s life-writing in Canada and the US: multicultural perspectives”, organised by the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland) will take place 07 March 2015. This conference will focus on life-writing by North American women in the context of the multicultural societies of Canada and the United States.

Deadline for paper or panel proposals: November 30th 2014

Please find the Call for Papers here.

Aktuelles Call for Papers


„A Land Shaped by Water: Perspectives on Canada“
Turku, Finland, Wed 12 – Sat 15 August 2015

Submissions are invited for papers or posters for the eleventh Nordic international, cross-disciplinary Canadian Studies conference, to be held in Turku, Finland, in August 2015. The theme of the conference „A Land Shaped by Water: Perspectives on Canada“ may be taken literally or metaphorically. We are looking especially, but not exclusively, for contributions in the following fields: literature / political science / the arts / history / international relations | aboriginal affairs / cultural studies / regional studies / cultural geography / social ecology.

Presentations will be allowed 20 minutes + time for discussion, and will be organized in thematic, cross-disciplinary workshops potentially focussed on some of the following topics: water, ice, snow & fog, the fur trade, trans-Atlantic & trans-Pacific contacts, the Northwest Passage and the Arctic, migration, patterns of trade, the Great Lakes Basin, transportation: seas, lakes, waterways, fisheries, fossil fuels and water resources, toponymy, impact of hydro projects, acid rain, settlement patterns.

An abstract of the proposal, maximum 150 words, with a brief CV of the author(s), maximum 40 words, should be submitted in MS Word format by 31 January 2015 to the Conference Committee at this email address:
Poster proposals may also be submitted, maximum 50 words + CV max 40 words. The Committee will aim to reply to authors by the end of February.

Nordic Association for Canadian Studies (NACS)
Association nordique d’Etudes canadiennes (ANEC)

Aktuelles Call for Papers

CfP : ILPE 2 – Les idéologies linguistiques dans la presse écrite : l’exemple des langues romanes

Colloque international à l’Université de Sherbrooke (campus de Longueuil/Montréal) du 29 au 31 octobre 2015

Organisé par le réseau de recherche CIRCULA, le colloque s’inscrit dans la continuité de la première rencontre scientifique ILPE qui a eu lieu à Augsburg (Allemagne) en octobre 2013. Comme la précédente édition, l’événement aura pour objectif de réunir des chercheurs s’intéressant au double rôle de la presse écrite – que ce soit sur support papier ou numérique – comme lieu de production et de diffusion d’idéologies linguistiques et en tant que moyen de standardisation de la langue, plus particulièrement dans les communautés de langue romane.

Le colloque accueille toutes les propositions de communication en lien avec la thématique et il est ouvert à tous les cadres théoriques pertinents dans l’analyse des idéologies linguistiques dans la presse écrite. Il accueille des contributions portant sur l’ensemble des communautés de langue romane.

Veuillez trouver l’appel complet ici

Pour plus d’information veuillez aussi consulter le site du colloque :

Aktuelles Call for Papers

CfP: „(E)migrations, transferts, exils : métissages et dynamiques de la ville“

(E)migrations, transferts, exils : métissages et dynamiques de la ville

Colloque international organisé par l’Université Masaryk de Brno, République tchèque, 16 – 19 avril 2015

Veuillez trouvez l‘ appel complet sur le lien ci-après: