CFP: Canada: Diversity, Inclusion, Equity

The 21st International Baltic Conference on Canadian Studies (online)

October 8, 2021

Deadline: September 5, 2021

Canada’s unwavering commitment to policies of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the fields of governance, education, research and culture has been enshrined in numerous legal documents and provides an outstanding example for responding to global human rights, political and environmental challenges. Canadian heritage is one of diversity, inclusion, democracy and multiculturalism.

The conference aims at exploring diverse approaches to Canadian experience past and
present, to stimulate a broad interdisciplinary scholarly dialogue covering a variety of subject areas from literature, language, film, culture, arts and media to education, history, sociopolitical and economic studies.


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Konferenz des Nachwuchsforums: „Diversität in/von/um Kanada“

On September 16 and 17, 2021, the annual conference of the Emerging Scholars’ Forum will take place online, hosted at Trier University. The conference topic is “Diversity in/of/around Canada” – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Canadian Diversity. For more information on the event or how to register to participate, please have a look at the following website:

Or register as a participant here:

Download the program here.

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Neuer Förderpreis: Gabriele Helms Prize for Canadian Fiction and Cultural Narratology

Dieses Jahr verleiht die GKS erstmalig den künftig jährlich ausgeschriebenen „Gabriele Helms Prize for Canadian Fiction and Cultural Narratology“. Der Preis wird für eine exzellente Dissertation zur anglophonen kanadischen Erzählliteratur und/oder kulturwissenschaftlichen Narratologie vergeben und ist mit 1.000,- Euro dotiert. Voraussetzung ist ein abgeschlossenes Promotionsverfahren, das nicht länger als drei Jahre zurückliegen sollte.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

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Förderpreise der GKS auch im laufenden Jahr wieder ausgelobt

Die GKS verleiht – gemeinsam mit ihren Unterstützern und Partnern – auch in diesem Jahr wieder  Förderpreise.

Bewerbungen für

  • die Reisestipendien der GKS
  • den Prix d’excellence du gouvernement du Québec
  • den Jürgen-und-Freia-Saße-Preis
  • und dieses Jahr erstmalig den Gabriele Helms Prize for Canadian Fiction and Cultural Narratology

werden wie jedes Jahr bis zum 1. November von der Geschäftsstelle entgegengenommen.

Nähere Angaben zu den Förderpreisen finden Sie hier.

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CFP: Michael Ondaatje’s “Globe of Fear”: Refractions of the Father and the Fatherland

Conference on “Asian Literatures in Motion”
Organized by Rising Asia Foundation and Journal,
September 24-25, 2021, on Google Meet

Deadline for submitting abstracts: Monday, August 2, 2021.

Name of Organization: Rising Asia Foundation and Rising Asia Journal.
Contact emails:

Submissions are invited for the “Asian Literatures in Motion” Conference on Michael Ondaatje’s works. Papers should focus on the themes emerging from Ondaatje’s fiction and poetry, with appropriate theoretical underpinnings on the following broad topics:

  • Diasporic Dilemmas
  • Canada, Multiculture and Globalization
  • History as Representation
  • Search for Home
  • Art, Music and Architecture
  • The Postcolonial Conundrum
  • The Presence of the Absent Father
  • The Sri Lankan Civil War
  • The Body in Ondaatje’s Poetry
  • Imaginary Homelands
  • Consumed by Loss

Please submit your 300 word abstracts (along with a 200 word resume citing education, publications and research interests) by August 1, 2021 by email to: and mentioning “Asian Literatures in Motion” in the subject line.

Each paper presenter should speak for about 20 minutes, after which there will be a discussion and questions.

Final papers will be considered for publication in the Rising Asia Journal. Please see:

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CFP for a special issue on „Indigenous Histories,“ Journal Prairie History

Deadline for submissions: 1 Feb. 2022

The journal Prairie History, produced by the Manitoba Historical Society, publishes scholarly, feature length articles as well as shorter, popular articles, documentary selections, pictorial essays and reviews relating to the social, economic, political, intellectual, and cultural history of the Canadian West (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) and the U.S borderlands. Prairie History is an illustrated journal.
With funding from the Winnipeg Foundation we plan on publishing a special Indigenous issue of the journal. Our goal is to present new and innovative writing on topics related to any aspect ofIndigenous histories in the West.
This is a call for submissions of essays to be included in this special edition.
Contributions could focus on pre-contact themes, topics related to land, treaties, residential schools, education, material culture, contemporary political and cultural themes, First Nations and Metis histories and communities and heritage, as well as broad topics such as reconciliation. Contributions regarding recent revelations regarding child burials at residential schools would also be welcomed.


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Public keynote lecture: Rosalind Hampton, „Canadian Academia as Colonial Continua“


This event is part of the Bavarian American Academy Student Conference. As a keynote lecture, it is open to the public.

This event will take place via Zoom. Please register for participation via


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CFP: Online Conference Alice Munro at 90: Central European Interpretations

Budapest, Hungary

November 25-26, 2021

Deadline for submissions: September 15, 2021

Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary and Eötvös Loránd University are pleased to announce a conference on “Alice Munro at 90_Central European Interpretations“ held in Budapest, Hungary, on November 25-26, 2021.


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CFP: Feeding Food Studies: Graduate and Undergraduate Research in Canadian Food Cultures

Deadline for submissions: July 19, 2021

CuiZine: The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures / Revue des cultures culinaires au Canada is seeking contributions for a special issue celebrating graduate and undergraduate research, writing, and art related to food in Canada.

Food is essential for human life and plays an important role in social and cultural practices around the world. University courses centered on food contribute to a diverse and growing corpus of work that examines the significance of food in relation cultural representation, access, equity, justice, health and environmental issues.


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CFP: Railroads in Native America

Ogden, UT/USA

May 20-21, 2022

Deadline December 15,2021

Ogden / Promontory Summit / Salt Lake City – Bringing together Native and non-Native scholars, students, artists, musicians, tribal citizens, tribal government representatives and the general public, this 2nd gathering and symposium invites conversation about the fraught and dynamic relationships between Native peoples and railroads. The program committee encourages submissions across a wide range of mediums and diverse formats including: roundtable presentations, research paper sessions, oral histories and storytelling, dance, artwork, multimedia offerings including film, and small poster exhibits.

Designed to be inclusive, intergovernmental and interdisciplinary, the symposium is hosted by the Utah Division of Indian Affaires in cooperation with the intermountain tribal nations of the Goshute, Palute, Diné, Shoshone, and Ute peoples. The gathering’s geographical reach includes the United States and Canada.

Please find the full CFP here.

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