CfArticles: For an edited volume on Contemporary Indigenous Popular Culture Across the Globe

Editors: Svetlana Seibel and Kati Dlaske

Indigenous Popular Culture is currently one of the fastest-growing fields of contemporary cultural production in the United States and Canada, but also other regions across the globe. Indigenous artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs of all walks of life proliferate increasingly on the contemporary popular cultural landscape in all its various incarnations, from popular fiction to animation to the fashion world. Diverse Indigenous practitioners of the popular throughout the world not only intervene powerfully into the landscape of popular culture and representation—a cultural field which is notorious for its various appropriations and misrepresentations of Indigenous people and cultures—but also draw attention to the pressing social and political challenges which Indigenous communities are facing today. With its ever expanding scope, Indigenous popular culture harnesses the vibrant and mutable energies of popular culture, fan culture, and geek culture in order to not only indigenize the cultural field of the popular, but also to advance Indigenous cultural archives in a multiplicity of forms. Thus, Indigenous popular culture is not only a field of a dynamic creative expression, but often also in one way or another stands in dialogue with contemporary Indigenous activist groups and causes working towards the goal of decolonization and Indigenous resurgence.

The proposed volume seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners of Indigenous popular culture in order to illustrate the cultural vibrancy, complexity, and importance of this emerging field. We therefore invite contributions from academics as well as artists, entrepreneurs, event organizers, cos players etc. Contributions may focus on any aspect of Indigenous popular culture in any of the geographic areas throughout the globe.

See the full CfP here.

Deadline for Proposals: March 1, 2018.

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CfP: Treasury, Guardian, Cognitive Process: Memory Studies in Canada and Germany

University of Manitoba – University of Trier – University of Greifswald, Biennial Partnership Conference, September 20-21, 2018, University of Manitoba, Canada

We live in one of the great ages of memory, a time in which forces have converged to push memory to the forefront of our moral, political, scientific, and aesthetic lives. Some have even referred to the current moment as being characterized by a “memory boom.” The standard view of this boom is that it has come about owing to a variety of factors, including, a decline in confidence in “modernist” narratives of progress over the course of the twentieth century, the rise of consumer culture, which has turned nostalgia into a commodity, and multiculturalism and individualism, which have in related ways fragmented our collective sense of self, forcing nation-states to turn to the real or imagined past to buttress their legitimacy. Memory has been further bolstered by the Holocaust and other such horrors, which have called into question the integrity of our moral imaginations and ushered in what has been called “a culture of trauma and regret.” We find this culture at work in public institutions such as memorials and museums, as well as in the proliferation of media representations of the personal past. It is also evident in such socially and politically transformative agencies and processes as truth commissions and public inquiries.

Proposals are invited for an interdisciplinary conference on the subject of memory. The conference, to be held at the University of Manitoba, is in partnership with the Trier University. The scope of the conference is broad, and the theme is intended to encompass scholarship on all forms of memory (personal, collective, institutional, cognitive, etc.). Of particular interest is work pertaining to memory as it is understood, and circulates (is celebrated, contested, etc.), in Canadian and German academic and cultural contexts. Presentations are welcome to address works and issues from different fields, media, and conceptual perspectives.

See the full CfP here.

Deadline for Proposals: April 30, 2018.

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CfP: Canadian Holocaust Literature: Charting the Field

Sunday, 28 October 2018, Ottawa, Canada

Organized by the Department of English at Ryerson University, the Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program at the University of Ottawa, the Association for Canadian Jewish Studies, and Library and Archives Canada

Although the Holocaust has long engaged writers in Canada – those with and without direct links to the historic event – their particular exploration of the subject has received little critical or scholarly attention. There now exists a significant body of Canadian Holocaust Literature that warrants such attention. We invite proposals for the first-ever conference devoted to Canadian Holocaust Literature. The aim of this landmark conference is twofold: to identify a corpus of work and to generate scholarly interest in the field. Proposals that focus on literary works originally written in Yiddish, Hebrew, English, or French are welcome. For the purposes of this conference, literary works include poetry, short fiction, novels, life writing, graphic narrative, and creative non-fiction. The theme of this inaugural conference is deliberately broad, and critical approaches may vary widely.

See the full CfP here.

Deadline for Proposals: June 15, 2018.

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Events at the Embassy of Canada in collaboration with the 68th International Film Festival Berlin

February 15-25 2018

Berlinale NATIVe – A Journey into Indigenous Cinema

Tuesday, Feb 20, 15:00 – 17:30 (Doors 14:45)

Establishing Indigenous Cinema

Embassy of Canada, Leipziger Platz 17, 10117 Berlin, S/U Potsdamer Platz

In English. Free admission. Please present a valid photo-ID at the door and allow for sufficient time for Embassy security.

15:00 – 16:30 Panel Discussion: Establishing Indigenous Cinema

The panel discussion will be moderated by Jason Ryle, the artistic director of imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival in Toronto. The participants of the panel discussion are:Ciara Lacy (Director and Producer, Hawaii/USA) | Élise Labbé (Head of Festivals and Audience Development, National Film Board of Canada) | Ryan Kampe (President Visit Films, USA) | Emile Hertling Péronard (Producer and Advisor, Greenland/Denmark)

16:30 – 17:30 Screening: REEL Kanata VI – Canadian Indigenous Shorts

For the sixth time this year, the Embassy of Canada and imagineNATIVE present REEL Kanata, a selection of recent short films made by indigenous filmmakers from Canada. This year’s selection includes: Holy Angels by Jay Cardinal Villeneuve (Cree / Métis)  |  KEEWAYDAH (Let’s Go Home) by Terril Calder (Métis)  |  Thirza Cuthand Is an Indian Within the Meaning of the Indian Act by Thirza Cuthand (Plains Cree / Scottish)  |  RAE by Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs (Mohawk)  |  Nuuca (Take) by Michelle Latimer (Métis / Algonquin)  |  Creatura Dada by Caroline Monnet (Algonquin)


Berlinale Shorts

Notes on Cinema #68: Between Staff Pick, Market & Archive

Film Screening / Panel Discussion

Thursday, February 22, 2018, 14:00 – 16:00

Embassy of Canada, Leipziger Platz 17, 10117 Berlin, S/U Potsdamer Platz

In English. Free admission, registration required here. Please present a valid photo-ID at the door and allow for sufficient time for Embassy security.

Berlinale Shorts hosts a discussion on the longevity and visibility of films on the internet and in archives. How can we expand the film canon? How can we access films which are no longer accessible? Can digitization offer us renewed access to films that have been lost or overshadowed? Panelists Mark Toscano (Academy Film Archive), Jeffrey Bowers (Vimeo), Lauren Howes (Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre) and Jayisha Patel (filmmaker) will address these questions and more. The short films Le Tigre de Tasmanie by Vergine Keaton (Berlinale Shorts), Circle by Jayisha Patel (Berlinale Shorts) and Nuuca by Michelle Latimer (Generation) will be screened, followed by a Q&A. The panel discussion will begin at 15:00.



Diversity und Gender Equality in Beruf und Gesellschaft

Panel Discussion

Thursday, February 22, 2018, 16:30 – 18:30 (Doors open at 16:00)

Embassy of Canada, Leipziger Platz 17, 10117 Berlin, S/U Potsdamer Platz

In German. Free admission, registration required here. Please present a valid photo-ID at the door and allow for sufficient time for Embassy security.

Participants of the panel discussion : Harald Christ (Ergo-Versicherung, Postbank); Dagmar Kohnen (Siemens AG); Nina Schimkus (Axel Springer SE); Geoff Gartshore (Embassy of Canada in Berlin).

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Fête de la Francophonie am 10. März in Berlin

Anlässlich des Internationalen Tages der Frankophonie laden die Botschaften und Vertretungen der französischsprachigen Ländern und Regionen zur „Fête de la Francophonie 2018“ ein. Die Organisation übernehmen in diesem Jahr die Botschaft von Kanada, die Vertretung der Regierung von Québec in Berlin und die Botschaft von Benin.

In dieser fünfzehnten Ausgabe werden die Akzente der Francophonie geehrt. Lebendiger als je zuvor nimmt die französische Sprache verschiedene Formen an, je nach geographischen, kulturellen, geschichtlichen, sozialen Kontexten, wo sie gesprochen ist.

Sie verfärbt sich im Laufe der Jahre und nach der Regionen mit unterschiedlichen Intonationen, Wörtern und Ausdrücken. Es ist diese Weltsprache und ihre Nuancen, die wir zusammen um den Slogan „Nos Francophonies en fête : 1001 Akzente unter einem Dach“ am 10. März im Centre français de Berlin in der Müllerstrasse 74 ab 15 Uhr feiern wollen.

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Québecer Autor Christian Guay-Poliquin bei Book and You im Ratatouille in Berlin zu Gast

Am Samstag, den 27. Januar 2018, um 18 Uhr ist der Autor Christian Guay-Poliquin (Québec) im Ratatouille in der Ackerstraße 2 in Berlin zu Gast.

© Julien Bois

Le poids de la neige (La Peuplade) des Québecer Autors schaffte es nach seiner Veröffentlichung auf zahlreiche Nominierungslisten kanadischer und auch europäischer Literaturpreise. Der junge Autor wurde für sein literarisches Zweitlingswerk mit dem Prix littéraire du gouverneur général, dem Prix littéraire des collégiens und dem Prix littéraire France-Québec ausgezeichnet.

Er erzählt in sanftem, stellenweise düsterem Ton, wie ein Rückkehrer während eines anhaltenden Stromausfalls nach einem schweren Unfall versorgt wird und langsam wieder auf die Beine kommt. Thematisch knüpft Le poids de la neige an Guay-Poliquins Debütroman Le fil des kilomètres (La Peuplade) an. Darin macht sich der Erzähler von der Westküste Kanadas auf, um seinen Vater nach langer Zeit wiederzusehen. Doch das Land, dass er durchreist, befindet sich aufgrund der ausbleibenden Stromversorgung zunehmend im Chaos und es ist ungewiss, ob er seinen Vater wiedersehen wird.

Am 27. Januar 2018 freuen wir uns, euch den Autor und seine Romane im Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe Book and you im Ratatouille Berlin vorzustellen.

Die Veranstaltung findet auf Deutsch, Französisch und Englisch statt. Einlass ist ab 17:30 Uhr, die Veranstaltung beginnt um 18 Uhr.

Der Eintritt ist frei. Wir und auch unser Gast freuen uns über eure Spende.

Bitte teilt uns per Mail an mit, ob ihr kommt.

Moïra & Jennifer

in der Ackerstraße 2, 10115 Berlin
(Souterrain im Hinterhaus)

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Invitation to talk „From Igloos to microwaves in less than 60 years“ at the CERNY Inuit Museum

The Emerging Scholars Forum for the Association of Canadian Studies is pleased to promote this invitation to a discussion with Peter Irniq, Inuit Elder, Artist, and Politician, for his talk: “From Igloos to microwaves in less than 60 years.“ This talk will be held at the CERNY Inuit Museum (Stadtbachstrasse 8a, 3012 Bern, Switzerland) on Thursday, February 1st, at 18:00.

What: Invitation to a discussion: “From Igloos to microwaves in less than 60 years”

Who: Peter Irniq, Inuit elder, artist and politician from Canada

When: Thursday, the 1st of February 2018 18:00

Where: Museum Cerny Inuit Collection Stadtbachstrasse 8a, 3012 Bern

Please RSVP to before January 30th.

Admission adults: CHF 20.- students & AHV: CHF 10.-

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Antragsdeadline 31.1.2018 für GKS-Reisekostenzuschuss, Publikationszuschuss und Tagungsunterstützung

Die GKS nimmt zweimal jährlich Anträge zur Bezuschussung von Tagungs-, Reise- und Druckkosten entgegen.

Auch in 2018 kann der wissenschaftliche Nachwuchs Publikationszuschüsse, Tagungsunterstützung und Reisekostenzuschüsse beantraggen. Die erste Bewerbungsrunde endet am 31.01.2017. Nähere Informationen zu den verschiedenen Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten, Voraussetzungen sowie eine Liste der benötigten Antragsunterlagen finden Sie hier.
Antragsfrist: 31. Januar, 2018.

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CfP: Rising Up: A Graduate Students Conference

Rising Up: A Graduate Students Conference, March 9th- 10th, 2018, University of Manitoba

Rising Up: A Graduate Students Conference on Indigenous Knowledge and Research in Indigenous Studies is an international gathering held annually. Rising Up attracts scholars in all forms of Indigenous research! The University of Manitoba Native Studies Graduate Students Association (NSGSA) is hosting the third annual two-day conference for all graduate students to lead the discussion across all disciplines and allow graduates to present their knowledge and research. Due to the interdisciplinary and international character, the Review Committee welcomes a comprehensive range of topics and approaches.

This year the Conference will take place between March 9th and 10th in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Rising Up 2018 will focus on Indigenous Knowledge and Indigenous Research.

Extended deadline for abstract submissions: Jan. 28, 2018.

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Appel de textes: Revue « Nouvelles Vues »

Nouvelles Vues, numéro 22 (automne 2018) – « Femmes et cinéma québécois II : 35 ans plus tard » 

Sous la direction de Lori Saint-Martin (professeure, CRILCQ à l’UQAM) et Julie Ravary-Pilon (stagiaire postdoctorale, CRILCQ à l’UQAM) 

En 1983, était publié aux éditions du Boréal l’ouvrage Femmes et cinéma québécois dirigé par Louise Carrière. Il combinait deux approches féministes du cinéma : une étude de la place des femmes dans la création cinématographique et une analyse la représentation des figures féminines à l’écran. Il s’agissait de présenter, selon Louise Carrière, « côté pile et côté face de la même réalité : femmes imaginées, fantasmées et souvent parodiées par les cinéastes québécois, et femmes de cinéma exprimant leur réalité et celle des autres femmes ». Les collaboratrices de cet ouvrage proposaient des études, selon ces deux angles, du corpus cinématographique québécois des années 1940 à 1983 : des représentations des figures féminines dans les films canadiens-français adaptés des romans de la terre (Christiane Daviault-Tremblay) à l’histoire des réalisatrices à l’Office national du film (Danielle Blais), en passant par l’analyse des images récentes des femmes dans les films à succès (Josée Boileau). Carrière souhaitait que cet « ouvrage projette un éclairage nouveau pour une histoire du cinéma québécois à reconstruire.» Or, depuis, aucune étude collective abordant à la fois la place des femmes dans la création et les représentations de figures féminines du cinéma québécois n’a vu le jour. Ce numéro de Nouvelles Vues vise à combler cette lacune. En reprenant la double démarche du livre de Carrière, il cherchera à rendre compte de la distance parcourue depuis 1983, au fil des grands changements sociaux et culturels générés entre autres par la réflexion et la mobilisation féministes.

Tant le monde du cinéma que la réflexion sur les femmes et les approches théoriques ont changé radicalement depuis le début des années 1980. De nouvelles oeuvres ont vu le jour, de nouvelles créatrices ont émergé pendant que d’autres poursuivaient leur carrière, des mobilisations pour la parité et l’équité en cinéma ont émergé. La définition et la portée du mot « femme » ont été remises en question et élargies par la théorie queer et le mouvement trans, notamment. Enfin, les avancées théoriques – approches féministes, intersectionnelles, queer, sociologiques, liées aux cultural studies, etc. – permettent aujourd’hui de nouvelles analyses.

Dans le cadre du numéro thématique Femmes et cinéma québécois II : 35 ans plus tard, nous sollicitons des écrits portant sur toute question liée à la thématique des femmes dans le cinéma québécois depuis 1983, devant ou derrière la caméra.

Deadline for proposals: Jan. 31, 2018.

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