New Publications in Canadian Studies

Wor(l)ds of Trauma – Canadian and German Perspectives

by Wolfgang Klooß

The essays collected in this volume address a wide spectrum of issues connected to traumatic events and experiences, be they of personal, collective, national or global scale. They are complemented by poetic contemplations on trauma, which set the tone for the following scholarly investigations. The thematic scope of the collection encompasses psychological, sociological and political approaches to trauma, examples of ethnic and indigenous traumatizations, literary, cultural and visual manifestations of trauma or the medialization of trauma in the museum. As a result of the comparative, and in some cases cross-hermeneutic, design of the volume with German scholars looking at Canadian and Canadian scholars looking at German/European examples of traumatization, transatlantic perspectives on the problems at stake are opened.


“Canada as a Selective Power: Canada’s Role and International Position after 1989

by Marcin Gabryś and Tomasz Soroka

The monograph presents the authors‘ perspective on Canada’s contemporary foreign policy and on its position and role(s) in the dynamically changing international affairs. In the book, Gabryś and Soroka argue that since 1989 Canadian foreign policy has moved from the more modest aims of a „middle-power“ to a more self-assertive role of a „selective power“ pursuing more narrowly chosen priorities – and often based on „simple profit and loss calculations“ that have clashed with Canada’s traditional favorable image in the world.

The book is available both in paper version and as an e-book.


Migration and (Im)Mobility: Biographical Experiences of Polish Migrants in Germany and Canada

by Anna Xymena Wieczorek

In her endeavour to overcome the established methodological, conceptual, and empirical dualism of mobility and migration, Anna Xymena Wieczorek develops in her dissertation a „mobilities perspective“ by combining migration studies theories with approaches of the mobility studies. With the help of rich empirical data gathered among young adults of Polish heritage in Germany and Canada, the IRTG Diversity’s Alumni Wieczorek conceptualizes three patterns of (im)mobility which illustrate the diversity of immigrants‘ geographical movements after their initial migration. She thus reveals the different social configurations promoting or hindering the development, maintenance or shifting of each pattern in migrants‘ biographical trajectories.

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